Friday, January 4, 2013

off tha dome

random thoughts...

the fact that you still read this makes me smile...

where the hell did 2012 go?

i don't drink egg nog. it's nasty

remember when all of the dope bowl games were on New Year's Day?

I enjoy the holidays but I'm ready for my kids to go back to school.

so much for the fiscal cliff...

anybody seen Mitt Romney lately? Just wondering

i haven't seen the movie Django yet but I'd like to see it. i dunno if i'd wanna sit through a 3 hr movie tho

NFL playoffs are here! can't wait to see how it all plays out

birthday shoutout to my Uncle Ronnie. You passed away a year ago. Gone but not forgotten. Love you, man

the last 3 hour movie that i saw was Malcolm X...and it was worth it!

you'll hear Christmas songs a gazillion times until Christmas day, but after Christmas...not one!

is it written somewhere that married dudes are supposed to only hang with other married dudes? people give me strange looks sometimes when I say I was hanging with my single homies.

have we ever seen rapper Trinidad James and Martin Lawrence's character Jerome in the same place at the same time?

if you "become" somebody once you log in to social media have issues.

the DVR has changed the way that we watch tv.

if i had a dollar for everytime somebody asked me..."where do the good women/men hang out?"...i'd have a small fortune

cool ranch doritos...nuff said

i hate seeing people walking around with the bluetooth earpiece in their ears when they AINT on the phone. if you aren't on the phone, take it out of your ear

can the word "SWAG" be retired in 2013??

text messages are cool but sometimes you gotta pick up the phone and talk.

my mom does FaceTime with me just so she can see the kids. she don't even wanna talk to me. lol

can we get an Outkast album this year???

it's usually the ass kissing simps at work who usually get promoted

ladies...when your man's response is "Whatever" should get concerned

fellas...when your woman's response is "You'll see" should get concerned

why do women "pat their hair" instead of scratching their scalp when it itches them?

do you think a man is soft if he cries frequently?

i'm not sure what kind of "human being" would shoot innocent 6 yr old kids?

kanye got kim k pregnant? word? he just broke man law 2492...never get the freak pregnant

where do you get your best sleep...the couch or the bed?

meet my new boss! she can barely speak but she tells me what to do EVERYDAY!!!


Babsinblogland said...
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Babsinblogland said...

Cool Ranch Doritos are nasty and make your breath stink.

I think women that pat their itchy hair instead of scratching do so because they have a weave and can't get to the itchy parts.

My 2-year old thinks she's the boss of me. I am currently reprogramming her

Tee Reese said...

All I can do is Laugh! Nod head! And laughin' some mo'!

Good Read!

And Django.. worth the 3 hours.. didn't feel like it one bit!

laughing808 said...

Your new boss is so adorable!

I think women pat their hair when it itches so as not to mess up the hair style????

Cool Ranch doritos ARE so good, but Fuyuns are much better. I'm attempting to give up my love for chips this year <-------wish me luck

just the name "egg" nog makes me frown.

the word "swag" should not come into 2013!

my best sleep is int he bed after a "nice" drink

And yeah, I'm still reading......I just need to catch your blog/radio show.