Tuesday, February 14, 2012

off tha dome

random thoughts...

gas prices are on the rise but nobody can tell me why

remember back in the day...when you didn't have any bills? sometimes i want those days back

i saw a poll the other day that said 47% of those polled wants a candidate "that can beat Barack Obama". word? i guess they don't care about the issues that they face.

Shaq has fit in well on the set of Inside the NBA on TNT

just when i thought spring was around the corner...it got cold. real cold

have you ever gotten chewed out as a teen because you were on the phone talking to your friends and you didn't "answer the call waiting beep" and your mama missed a call?

i think we should mandate a law...if a couple is not EXCHANGING gifts, don't celebrate Valentines Day

speaking of VDay, i'll admit to breaking up with a girl before VDay...but I was like 16. sue me.

have we ever seen Tracey Morgan and Andrew Bynum in the same place at the same time?

i love Chick-Fil-A...but it's too expensive

that was a GREAT Super Bowl. another chapter in the Book of Eli

NBA All Star game is around the corner. you won't catch me anywhere NEAR Orlando. too many people. just hope people stay safe

i have a coworker who'll ask a question. you answer the question. then she'll ask somebody else the SAME question. that irks me

i see a trip to Los Angeles on the horizon...

remember when you were friends with Kim & Monica...but Kim disliked Monica. and Monica disliked Kim. then they would talk bad about each other and you were caught in the middle?

RIP Whitney Houston

when a singer dies...we press 'PLAY' to bring them back to life. no one lives forever but music lives on

can somebody explain to me why some women wear heels but can't walk in them?

i think i'm gonna check out that new Denzel Washington movie. he doesn't disappoint

if you were in a spelling bee RIGHT NOW, could you win?

don't forget the pumps...

Kodak is going out of business. wow

remember back in the day when you took a picture and it had to "cool off" before you could see the image?

i think they should bring back the old school saturday morning cartoons

it's been a tough 2012 for celebs/entertainers...we've already lost Etta James, Don Cornelius, and Whitney Houston...and it's only February

make sure that you listen to the 12 Radio Show every Wednesday night at 9pm EST. *shameless plug*

can you write in cursive? outside of my signature...my cursive is not legible.

sometimes you gotta tell your kids and show them how blessed they truly are

tell people that you love them

ladies...say what you mean...and mean what you say

fellas...be honest with women. you're too old to be playing games

i've got like 800 channels from DirecTv but i only watch 15 of em

my girlfriend is gone, y'all. what am i gonna do?


Tee Reese said...

Right on time!!!

You were rollin' and on point! Still laughing and noddin' head in agreement!

Tricia said...

no bills...You SOMETIMES want those days back.. Hell I want them back permanently.

times are a changin. its been quite mild in New York. Thank God.

I believe V-Day is a rip off for guys. I insist my husband not spend $$ on me on Valentines Day.

No chick-fil-a in NY so I definitely hit it when i go south.
Closest to me is NJ. not too bad.

The cant walk in heels thing is sad. I can actually run in
5"heels if I had to. Its just like women that wear jeans that dont hug their bodies. Huh??

Hey, stop answering questions for that coworker.

Denzel movie is a must see.

I could definitely win a spelling bee right now.

I agree..Women,mean what you say.

I agree..Men, be honest from the get..you never know.. there are those rare women who may be down with whatever you got goin on. Give it a try. Let it be the womens choice to stay or leave your ass alone but let her know whats up right from the get.

I think I have 900 chanels on Verizon and watch 8. lol