Monday, December 26, 2011

let's get physical

Kool Moe Dee once wrote a song about it going to see the doctor.

I'm a firm believer in it.

I also believe that as men...we are the LAST ones to go to the doctor.

Last month, I had my annual physical check up. I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't looking forward to it. Not sure why. I guess it was the fear of the unknown. I knew I was in good health. I work out regularly (not as much as I should)...I eat good (still addicted to McDonalds fries)...and I don't drink much (I visit Margaritaville every now and then). Yet, I was still concerned. Nevertheless, the visit came out fine. I'm in good health. The doctor and I discussed among other things...testing for prostate cancer beginning next year, my desire to live to the age of 125 (no lie), and my successful vasectomy last May (4 kids is enough, yo)

One thing that I took from the conversation is that we don't go see the doctor enough. Most women go all the time. And while they may not jump for joy to get that pap smear, they have doctor visits. We have to go. And go often. We're getting older. I've always been serious about my health. But it hits home when you see people your age leave this earth. I lost a teammate ( a few months ago and that really opened my eyes.

I'm committed to my health. That's not a New Years Resolution. That's a fact. You may not find me on the track like my homegirl Latrice (@Rungirl_) or my boy Tee Reese ( )but I am committed. More importantly, I'm all for getting my checkups. I need more men to join me. Ladies, send your men to the doctor. He can't be in your life if he's no longer here on earth.


Tee Reese said...

I'm always one to be truthful and you're absolutely right.. I fear going to the doctor like that of standing near, not at the edge of super tall places. For some reason I get that feeling of some magnetic force will pull me off, even through steel, break proof glass. I recently saw the move Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol, it was off the change good but the scenes of them being 100 plus floors up, my man scaling the building had me cringing and slumped down in my seat! Hurry up with this scene already!

Okay, done rambling.. but to follow up those words of truth. We, black men are the last to go and I'm one of them. Doing better about it but yes, me no lookin' forward to that you know what test!

Btw, I appreciate the S/O and if you run into a RPD issue.. I got ya bruh! I got my detective buddy on speed dial. LOL!

Don said...

Agreed, women do a much better job of taking care of themselves than most men. I commend you.

I haven't had a check up since October '09 and it scares me to think upon reading this post. I recently set an eye appointment. But now I'm seeking a checkup as well.

I am sincerely dedicating myself to better health this year. Like you stated, it's the fear of the unknown that scares me.

But still that is no excuse.

Great post, fam.