Tuesday, December 13, 2011

facebook vs twitter

Social media

Almost everyone participates in it.

And almost everybody that I know...old and young...rich and poor...has a Facebook page. So do my parents.

Everybody isn't into Twitter. I've been on it since 2008. Long before most had even HEARD of Twitter. I used it to communicate with my fellow blogger friends. This was before twitter BLEW UP. There are some similarites between Twitter & Facebook...buy mostly differences. Here are some observations that I've made...

Facebook - largely made up of people you know

Twitter - largely made up of people you don't know

Facebook - consists of people who you went to school with

Twitter - consists of people who you wish that you went to school with

Facebook - status update

Twitter - tweets

Facebook - long paragraphs for updates

Twitter - 140 characters

Facebook - friends

Twitter - followers

Facebook - you can 'LIKE' or 'POKE'

Twitter - trending topics

Facebook - place where people use hashtags (#) for no reason & they don't realize that's a "twitter thing"

Twitter - place where you can use a hashtag in every tweet

Facebook - friend request

Twitter - follow/unfollow

Facebook - place where people "don't understand Twitter"

Twitter - place where people "retweet" every word of their favorite celebrity

Facebook - place where people will allow co-workers to become their friends

Twitter - place where co-workers can't follow

Facebook - Mark Zuckerburg

Twitter - Jack Dorsey

Facebook - advertisements

Twitter - Thong Thursday

Facebook - if you have more than 10 status updates within an hour...you need Twitter

Twitter - if you have a desire to rant about your cause...you need Facebook

You understand now?


BrokN_RecorD said...

This is hilarious. I have to admit I'm guilty of using hashtags in my tweets, BBMs and emails sometimes but only to people who actually get it.

Adrienne said...

LOL Love this!!!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I always felt it was a duplication but now I get it. I'm still not getting a twitter account.

Keith said...

LOL- Love This...I got on Facebook and Twitter in 2009..just as my blogs were really starting to get popular...and you're right..Most of the blogging family is on Twitter..Which is why I'm on it..but I tend to be on Facebook a lot more...

Truth be told...both social networks make me appreciate blogging that much more. LOL!

Tee Reese said...

Thumbs up! Good information with a little bit of 'know how to use' each.

Don said...

True @ place where people don't understand Twitter. I must say, both creators are some filthy rich gentlemen, I guarantee.

I remember being on Twitter in '08 and, as you stated, it was a ghost town. I once listed Twitter.com under one of my Likes and hardly anyone knew the site.

That said, sometimes I force myself to tweet. Lol.

prettybitch said...

hahaha this is funny bro!!! a good laugh