Tuesday, October 11, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts...

guess who has jury duty this month but doesn't want to go??? *sigh*

i was almost selected once for jury duty but i wasn't selected. wonder what i can do to get out of it? maybe i'll yell..."he's guilty, son!"

Prez O has a whoooole lotta gray hair in his head. but his hair is kinda wavy. you think he rocks a stocking cap at night before he goes to bed?

i hear people talking about how much they hate the "new" facebook but i haven't heard ONE person say that they are gonna delete their facecbook acct.

remember the first time you were in church and saw someone "catch the Holy Ghost"? i didn't know if i should run or smack that lady

george lopez ain't funny

went to church the other day & a dude was BLASTING 2Pac in the parking lot. *blank stare*

Ask B Nice who he came to see at the Eagles/Falcons game???

first tv crushes...Tootie & Penny Gordon/Charlene Jackson

Troy Davis death will not go in vain. let's make sure that this never happens again

remember when we used to "pencil fight" in school?

raise ya hand if you had to come in the house when the street lights came on! *raises hand*

please stop calling him Matty Ice. until he wins a big game and a playoff game...his name is Matthew T. Ryan

funny to see ESPN work a Lebron clip into the highlights. let it go

i hate when people hit "reply all" to an email that was forwarded to you

there was always that one kid in your class in school who never got into trouble. not because he was good. it was because he didn't want his momma to come up to school and show out & embarrass him!

fellas...always wear an undershirt...especially with a dress shirt

ladies...never tell your friends what your man does behind closed doors...one day they will want to see for themselves.

The Eagles "dream" season is now a nightmare

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Sarah Pale-Lynn is smarter than i thought she was...she decided not to run for president. i wouldn't let her lead the Girls Scouts

Steve Jobs...thank you for your innovations!

tell the truth...you thought all HBCUs were like Hillman College (A Different World)

that new Phonte cd is coooooooold

ladies...can you go back to being "just friends" after sleeping with a guy?

fellas...why do you call a chick a "b*tch or h*e" AFTER she doesn't give you her number? was she a "b*tch or h*e" when you asked her for the digits

twitter gets news faster to you than cnn does

i don't wobble. don't electric slide. don't cha cha slide. but i've got a meaaaaaan 2step!

shout out to one of the 1st cats to bling on tv...Sweet Daddy Williams


Miss Mika said...

*raises my hand*
My mom wouldn't let me in the house before then!!

I know a few people who not only reply all to emails, but to text messages too... I hate that!!!

LOL @ Sarah Pale-lynn and not voting for her to be president of the girl scouts. That is funny and oh so true.

RIP Steve Jobs. Getting my new iPhone this weekend.

As usual, great off tha dome-ness.

funkdigital said...

Obama has a two-tone doo rag. White and red.

Tee Reese said...

Yo Kyle, could you please give me the reason for the undershirt under a dress shirt? I'm baffled by the whole undershirt rule. I'm being fo' real. LOL! I've asked guys who do, and got the answer, because that how I was brought up, HUH? I think the best explanation I got was to help with sweat. For real? I only double up on a shirt just so I can sweat more. I'm just saying.

`thumbs up on on TV crushes!

~hands raised, my brothers and sister we redefined 'top end' speed for sprinting to beat that light coming on.

12kyle said...

@ Mika
Heyyyy Mika! Wey you been? LOL

You know that Pale-lynn ain't qualified to do anything

You and about 1 million people will be getting that new iPhone

@ funkdigital
LMAO!!! That's funny!

@ Tee Reese
LOL!!! The reason for an undershirt is to catch and absorb your sweat. If you don't have one on, you could mess up a really good dress shirt with sweat and deodorant stains.

Tee Reese said...

Whew! Okay that does make sense.. I rarely wear a button up shirt and I have noticed I've JACKED up some nice shirts. Never came to me since I can't stand that 'I'm BURNING UP!' feeling. Lol, I had a friend hook me up with a few undershirts.. and he is the one that mentioned the sweat issue. THANKS! And I'm being real about it.

♥ CG ♥ said...

Way to many funnies so I'll give a few cents on a couple :-)

Jury duty...I have a feeling I'm about to be summoned...just a feeling. Back in the day I got was able to get off a potential jury by telling the judge I thought the guy lived in my neighborhood...yeah, I know...lol

Not Prez O in a stocking cap...hilarious!

Kitty said...

Hilarious! I was never told to come in the house before the street lights came on we just had a sit time to be in. This blog made me laugh…good read, Kyle.