Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the scar

Look at her. There she goes. Do you see her scar?

It's not anything that can be seen from afar.

You need to be close to get a good look

Her past haunted her like a horror film or a Stephen King book

Things aren't what they should be. Yet, she doesn't know why

She remembers those nights in bed when she would just lay there and cry

Not sure when the tears would stop but she felt the pain

Ever since she was a teen, she was always made to feel bad

People told her she'd never do anything good in life. It was truly sad

She didn't let it stop her from doing what she wanted to do

She had goals, ideas, and visions that she was determined to see through

Then, things changed.

Got strange

Was it the day when she was 17 and she went out with Roy on a date?

That was the night she told him 'NO' but he didn't stop and proceeded for the rape

Was it the day that her momma caught her in a lie?

She was supposed to go to school but instead she stayed at home and got high

Weed in the air and beer by the kegs

She woke up with her panties around her legs

What happened in that room? She didn't have a clue

All she remembers was it was her and 3 dudes.

Ten years have passed and she's just happy to be alive

She's 27. Never had a man. And she can't tell you why.

There have been men in her life who have came and went

In her mind, she's still waiting on the dude that is heaven sent

She knows how to use her body to get sex

But that's all she's ever gotten and she knows what's next

Unanswered text messages and phone calls

They made her feel like a used rag doll.

She's now at a critical point in her life

Hoping that a man will make her his wife

She knows nothing about commitment and it shows

The people on the street say "you can't marry a hoe"

Is that what she is? Just because she can't keep a man?

Does it matter if she's had several one night stands?

Sex on the first date? No problem for this woman

She can "do it" like nobody else can.

The problem with her is that she uses sex like a gun

She no longer even considers it to be real fun

It's just something to do while she's passing the time

Something she's excelled at no matter his game or lines

She thinks she's winning. And she'll find a man...at all cost

In reality, she's a good girl gone bad. A Black Girl Lost.


Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Powerful post..

Queen of My Castle said...


♥ CG ♥ said...

*soul snaps*

LadyLee said...

*finger snaps*

That last line... WOW.

Tee Reese said...

As I read along.. couldn't help but see flashes of those that may have a story that creeps along those lines..

Powerfully spoken in between the lines.