Friday, July 8, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i haven't blogged in a minute. i just realized that.

looks like my girlfriend is about to come back to me. i can't wait to see her!

i read the cheating scandal that took place in the Atlanta Public School System. one principal told teachers to change the standardized test scores because "the kids are dumb as hell." whut da hell?

gotta thank my boy D for the music he sent me. my inbox has been flooded

Casey Anthony got away with murder. but she still has to answer to HIM

good to see Prez O on the twitter. maybe he'll hit me up. i've got some ideas on health care reform

some things...some people...aren't meant to be understood. stop trying.

did you see that dust storm that hit Phoenix the other day? crazy!

we start football practice for Kameron's 8 and under football team next week. the temperature is supposed to be 97 degrees. great!

i can't go in Best Buy "just to look around"

fellas...let your woman have the last word. that's the only way you'll get her to be quiet. lol

ladies...let your man THINK he's in control...even when he's not

i still haven't decided on a name for our unborn daughter. if you knew some of the suggestions that i've gotten, you'd laugh your ass off.

three places that i must visit before i die...russia aka the soviet union (or whatever they call it nowadays), miami, las vegas. never been to any of these places but i will make it there!

i don't think we're gonna see any more NBA games for a loooooong time!

cant't believe ENTOURAGE is coming to an end. Season 8 starts on July 24th

make sure that you plan for the marriage and NOT the wedding. most weddings last only 25 mins. but this marriage thang...

i skipped the E-B-T awards. but i DID see a clip of Alexander O'Neal on stage. mannnnn, he looked like a ROCK STAR. like he was fresh off a few good rocks!

i need to take piano lessons.

i remember a few times when i was teen when i didn't wash the dishes and my mom woke me up at THREE O'CLOCK in the morning just to wash the dishes!

coca-cola > pepsi



Ieisha said...

Man, I'm gonna miss Entourage. Hoping this final season is one for the books. HBO has some of the best series around.

I'm gonna end up reading the trial transcript of that Casey Anthony case. I can't believe she wasn't guilty. Prosecutors royally effed that up.

Baby names: I read the Social Security website to drum up ideas for Buddha because all I had were girl names. Zharia, Zhana & Tseday. (the 't' is silent)

I've been to two of your three places. Russia? Bet they've got a LOT of good vodka! Lol.

Say it again on planning for the marriage and not the wedding. Was just at a wedding on Sunday that lasted 17 minutes. Now, the marriage? Um....yeah....I'll get back to you on that one.

theINTELLECT said...

I think they should make a show around Ari and Llyod I would watch that!!

As for little girl names I've always liked androgynous names (maybe b/c mine is Jaimey). But since she will have 3 older brothers I think she should have the most girly name you can think of. I've always said if I had a girl I would name her Delanany which means Angel from Heaven. I look forward to seeing what you and Mrs. 12 come up with

Beautifully Complex said...

I actually chose to skip the Super Lounge performance of Alexander O'Neal at Essence Fest primarily because I had seen him on TV just the week before & his performance was questionable, glad I gave that stage time to someone else. In the words of another famous crackhead, Crack is whack ! LOL

I love strong southern names & names that don't necessarily reflect ethnicity. My nieces are Savannah and Olivia & I had input in naming them.

Cerebrally_Orgasmic said...

That dust storm looked like Armageddon was takin' place!!

Tee Reese said...

I thought I had a few choice words after getting my laugh on.. but then you concluded with the pic!.. My my...

No comment!

Smh & Lmbo

12kyle said...

@ Ieisha
I am REALLY gonna miss Entourage. This show really reminds me of my friends. Watching it makes me want to move to LA. LOL

I agree. The prosecution effed up big time. Maybe they thought it was a slam dunk.

I always wanted to go to Russia for some reason. Ever since I was 8 yrs old.

@ theIntellect
If Ari had his own show, I'd definitely watch

Delanany is not bad. *takes mental note*

@ Beautifully Complex
He was pure comedy on the E-B-T awards. I was like..."who let this dude on stage." He looked a mess.

Those are some good names but I have cousins with those names. Awww man. :(

@ Cerebrally Orgasmic
From what I understand, there was very little warning that this storm was coming. It swarmed the whole city of Tempe very quickly

@ Tee Reese
You KNOW I had to come correct with Rachel! LOL

wynsters the tigress said...

i remember when i was younger my brothers and i didn't wash the dishes when we were told and my mom took all the dishes and threw them out.