Tuesday, April 5, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts... don't you hate when somebody asks you a question, you answer it...and then they ask somebody else the same question?

i eat some form chicken at least twice a week

thank you for reading this blog. i dunno why i thought that you'd stop. thank you for reminding me how dope of a writer i am. i'm THAT guy (modestly speaking)

anytime they say that something is "radioactive", i'm shook

if you're on a cellphone in public, i should NOT hear your conversation

c'mon Lebron! you skipped the pre-game introductions b/c you didn't wanna get boo'd? c'mon son! grow up and get outta here with that bs!

i'm still not sure when the powers that be will allow my girlfriend come

back you KNOW you're in the South when you see signs like this

Prez O has put his name in the hat for 2012. i smell a repeat

gas is higher than giraffe ears

ladies...would you REALLY wanna sleep with Lil Wayne if his name was Willie Johnson?

fellas...would you REALLY wanna sleep with Monique?

i've never met a white dude named Tyrone. but i have met a white dude named Jerome

the Carolina Panthers would be FOOLS not to draft Cam Newton with the # 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft

ladies...isn't it always the dude on the passenger side of the car who wants to holla at you? he's always saying "hey baby, you wanna ride?" well...isn't that what YOU are doing?

fellas...isn't it always the fat or unattractive friend who wants to leave early when you're trying to talk to her friend?

have we ever seen Bunny Colvin (The Wire)...

and Leonard Hamilton (University of Miami head basketball coach) in the same place?

i dunno bout you but i think better on the toilet than I do anyplace else (tmi)

have you ever thought a celebrity was dead only to find out that they are still alive?

shoutout to Shaka Smart and VCU

baseball season is here! Yankee Nation...here we go!!!

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i can't lie...i thought about shutting this blog down a couple of times...but i can't. i enjoy it too much

my Dad just got an iphone...no wonder the world is coming to an end

Skylar Diggins, son!!!


Jazzy said...

can't believe you thought about shutting this blog down! o_o

*snickering @ SheBron*...you know he's sensitive #nshit

How did the white dude get named Jerome??? I know there's a story there.

"ladies...isn't it always the dude on the passenger side of the car who wants to holla at you? he's always saying "hey baby, you wanna ride?" well...isn't that what YOU are doing?" huh???? splain that plz.

Tee Reese said...

Lmbo! Bruh man you've done it again!

I'm sitting in the waiting area for my car to pass this inspection... and yes, I had to deal with.. Hey your check engine light is on so it will fail. But they were WRONG! It was the service vehicle soon light. That's right I have two. Service vehicle and a Check Engine Man! Had me go over to Advance auto for nothing. No codes showed up!

MzInspiredMind81 said...

I absolutely LOVE your "Off the Domes".

Um yea we wouldn't have let you close the blog down...chile please!

Yes the best thinking comes on the throne for me too #TMI

@Jazzy...u how it seems the dude riding shotgun is the one tryin to talk to you...he ask "get in w/ us boo" umm how you going to invite me to ride in a car you riding in? LMAO!

Anonymous said...

It's baseball season...time to get a ticket to a Braves game and have a hot dog!!!!

LOVE baseball :-)

Traci Lavette said...

I'm like Jazzy...can't believe you thought about shutting this blog down. I think I would have to badger you all day - everyday if you decided to do that. Too much good reading AND it flows! Do you know a few good blogs is how I get through the day?! Yeah...so let that go!

The place that I do my best thinking is outdoors! At a bench with the gentle air breeze, my air card, and my laptop. Got plenty of papers done for school when I just took it to the outdoors. Yeah, the toilet is relevant too and why I often take my Blackberry on the trip! TMI, huh? Well you brought it up first :-)

The friend that's always ready to go when they ain't gettin' no action...that has no gender limits. It applies to the female persuasion too. The one I hate is when they try to get noticed by being as loud as they can just so somebody can know they're there. Not cool. LOL! Not cool at all.

On LeBron...Kinda feel bad for him. That has to be hard. But that bank roll he sittin on should trump all that!

Rashan Jamal said...

I cant stand that repeat question ish. Don't ask me nothing EVER again

Radioactivity is some scary stuff, makes me remember back when the USSR was gonna kill us all.

Gas is higher than Snoop Dogg in Amsterdam

Monique.. that's a negative

Glad you kept blogging... that's part of what got me back in the game

RE: Skylar I don't know about lusting after chicks that I'm old enough to be their father. Feel like a #dirtyoldman LOL

12kyle said...

@ Jaz
Yeah, I thought about shutting it down a couple of times. Glad that I didn't!

Lebron needs to grow up. He's supposed to get boo'd in Cleveland. You can't be THAT sensitive

@ Tee
Glad you enjoyed it, fam!


LOL!!! I think you're right. The MINUTE I said something about quittin' y'all wouldn't have let me. LOL

The idea of hollerin' from the passenger side is soooo corny to me

@ La Noche Balia
Braves??? Boooooooooo! :)

@ Traci Lavette
I agree! Being outside (minus the bugs and flys) is the perfect place to think and create

So true! I can't stand when folks do that!

@ Rashan Jamal
LMAO @ higher than Snoop in Amsterdam!!! Gotta use that!

Good to have you back, fam. There ain't a lotta dudes that blog so we gotta stick together

LMAO @ Skylar. I think she's cute but I've calmed my feelings when I found out she was just a sophomore! hahahahaha

♥ CG ♥ said...

You're right, we ain't going nowhere so get busy!

My sister puts celebs in the grave before their time on the regular, I think it's an age thing (aka...a bad memory...lol)

K. Rock said...

Chicken is the bomb! #stereotypicalblackquote

Who wants to sleep with Lil Wayne?

Did not think they mad white folks named Jerome.

I love my toilet time too. Clear thought and playing a few games of Words with Friends.

I'm new here so you can't shut it down now!

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Chicken is almost the best thing ever.

I wouldn't sleep with Lil Wayne if we were the last two people on Earth.

Have you ever met a white Leroy? Me either.

Cam Newton...**licks lips**

LadyLee said...

Dont shut the blog down, bruh. Just leave it, and go away for awhile... then come back... something like that!

I like chicken too. Just had some chipolte lime soy chicken fingers *backflips*

Stop rolling your eyes, man. Taste like chicken. Good enough! lol

12kyle said...

@ ♥ CG ♥
Hahahaha! She sounds like me! Always killin off the celebs! LoL

@ K Rock
Lmao @ chicken!

Don't worry...the blog is here to stay

@ Thoughtsofsoutherngal
I dunno WHAT these chicks see in Lil Wayne

Hahahahah @ Cam. He's a lil young, aint he?

@ Lee
I promise...the blog is here today.

Neva heard of that kinda chicken

Keith said...

A White boy named Jerome? Really??Now that is something! LMAO!

I'm always asked a question, Answer it and then they ask another person the same question right in front of me..That infuriates me...

I used to hate driving with a certain friend of mine...He'd always yell something ignorant out the window and then it was a case of guilt by association-"Oh, you was drivin with THAT asshole...I remember YOU...Like I said it or something!

I've done some great thinking on the toilet!

Glad you didn't shut it down..That's what keeps me in the game. I've pondered shutting down one of my three blogs...but I can't bring myself to close them...I always get a new idea..I'm in it for life!!!