Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Y'all know me.

I'm a hip hop head.

Always have been.

Always will be.

I was having a conversation the other day on twitter with my fellow hip hop heads on twitter...@rashanjamal, @lyric2go, and @eclectik. Rashan made a comment about a rapper and he said..."i don't know what y'all see in him." It wasn't a diss. He was merely stating that some people are popular in rap and he didn't understand why because they lack talent/skill. I totally understood him. It got me to thinking. There are a few cats who make me say...#idontknowwhatyouseeinhim

Lil Wayne - not sure when he became heralded as "the best rapper in the game". I still remember him saying "wobbly, wobbly, drop it like it's hot." Wayne is decent but he's extremely lazy as an MC. Best in the game? Shit, he wouldn't make my top 30. Wayne's a rapper. He aint no MC. There's a difference.

Rick Ross- overrated

Sheik Louch (from the LOX) - Never felt him. He always seemed to be overshadowed by Styles P and Jadakiss

Plies - what is he talkin bout?

Anybody with "Lil" or "Young" in front of their names - you're too lil or too young for me to listen to you

Nicki Minaj - take away her looks and what do you have...Charli Baltimore - 2011

E-40 - I just can't understand his jibberish

Brett Favre - yeah, I know this is 'sposed to be about hip hop but I dunno what y'all see in Brett Lorenzo Favre. I can think of at least 10 QBs I'd take over him. Favre took too many chances with the ball

Jim Jones - talentless

Drake - is he a rapper or is he a singer? Is he Fabolous or Tyrese?

Gucci Mane - why ask why?

Fat Joe - can't ride off Big Pun's coattails no more

Waka Flocka - see Gucci Mane

Maybe it's just me...but...idontknowwhatyouseeinhim or her.


♥ CG ♥ said...

Yeah, these dudes are the same that get the side eye from me.

Long live the true MCs...whoever's left :-)

Jazzy said...

THIS!! "Anybody with "Lil" or "Young" in front of their names - you're too lil or too young for me to listen to you"

Nikki was better before she "made it"...before the faux booty, veneers, crayola hair and boob job, but even then, she was a cross between kim and fox. I don't hate her, but like you...#idontknowwhatfolkseeinher!

Queen of My Castle said...

I am so feeling this list. I agree that Wayne is lazy, but the this is...he CAN be because no matter what he spits these young kids fawn all over it and cop it with no questions asked. Same for Drake. Gucci Mane and Plies make my ass itch. Just UGH!!!!

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I so agree with this list except maybe Lil Wayne and Drake. I can't lie and say that Waka, Plies, and Gucci haven't had me shaking my ass to a few of their songs. But I owe nothing by them. Not even a download single for 99cent. And please add Jeezy to this list. I just don't get what people see in him.

I like Rick Ross but most of his lyrics are old lyrics with a twist.

Tee Reese said...

Never been one to hop on a train... => the bandwagon as my momma use to.. "Be your own person, you aint got to be like everybody else." Lol!

Sorry for the not needed extra to simply say... I'm riding your train of thought with this list!!!

"I Don't Know What the H E (L L Cool J) y'all see in him/ her!"

ShellyShell said...

You KNOW I agree with everything you wrote and I might even throw YOUR guy in there! LOL!

Damon said...

Personally I think fiddy is a bum ass rapper. Smart businessman but he is garbage when it comes to lyrics. He came in the game with a song about how to rob and he has made a fortune on beefing with other rappers. No wonder he can't go back to queens anymore. He stole jarule's style and ran with it. Most of the cats he has tried to go against have murdered his ass lyrically. Muscles don't make u a great rapper or lyricist. The Game and Lloyd Banks are far better than him. As u can tell, I think he's a certified bum but savvy businessman. U couldn't get me to go to a concert of his if the tickets were free. #justmytwocents

Rashan Jamal said...

50 is one for me. I tried back when he was just getting a buzz and could not get into him. It's even worse now that he's famous. I already told you about Tupac. Wayne sucks. He's not even decent. I actually like Drake. He got skills and a lot of presence on the track when he raps. You can keep the singing ish tho. LOL

And for the sake of being honest.. I will rock a Plies song ignorantly in the car. LOL

LadyLee said...

12kyle, you shouldn't talk about Lil' Wayne. Southern Black Gal rides his JOCK!! LOL

Although I do like that 6' 7' 8' BUNCH song. But' I'll take Rakim over Wayne anyday.

Lawd, I have to be a man to like Nicki Minaj! Ugh! That is all!