Wednesday, March 23, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i recently surpassed 500 posts. it's a milestone of sorts. i wanna thank you for reading and showing me love. words can't express my gratitude. i appreciate you.

so CBS may bring Charlie Sheen back? guess there maybe some luck in that tigerblood

i could never wear a suit to a club. who wants to have their suit all sweaty?

ladies...tell the truth...there are MORE than a few of you who are hoping for an NFL lockout so that you can get your man back on Sundays

fellas...if there is no football on Sundays...don't you DARE watch Lifetime. that's manlaw #5673

have you ever done something then uttered those famous words...i'm too old for this shit.

if i go to india and i call the customer service department at the phone company, will i get someone who speaks english?

i like Ray Allen but he needs to tell his momma, Flo, to stop showing up at his games in his jersey. we know who she is!

happy 5th birthday to twitter. kinda hard to believe i've been on twitter for 3 yrs.

i love the spring but this pollen is a killer!

help me with kardashian is famous for what...?

there's always some idiot in the crowd who doesn't stand for the National Anthem. i don't care how bad things are in this country. there is no better place to live than in the United States

i don't like us messing with Libya but i know it's necessary

gas prices are still going up...

ladies...even tho we may give you grief about it...we love it when you get your hair and nails done
fellas...find a woman who likes to kiss all day

the Bulls are gonna be a problem

I guess it's safe to say that almost everybody and their momma has a Facebook page

follow me on twitter @12kyle

i'd like to ask one of these NBA sideline reporters who in the NBA has the stinkest breath

why does milk cost so much?

when we were kids, the dudes who could jump rope real well...grew up to be gay

sometimes the best dinner than you can have is a bowl of cereal

so...i was sick last week. i hadn't eaten food in 3 days. i woke up at 2am and guess who's on tv...BOBBY FLAY! he was talkin about shrimp and grits.

long before i fell in love with snicker bars...i ate whatchamacallit
Jilly from Philly

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theINTELLECT said...

Charlie Sheen-smh only in (white) America can u be an addict start crap with your boss and still be able to get your job back

Dudes in the club w/suits=creepers

I need football in my life

I'm 23 and I have always been that person to think I was too old for stuff, but I think its because I have common sense and don't do dumb stuff.

If I was Ray's mom I would do the same thing, because WE made it!!

Kim K is famous b/c...smh the world will never know...the real mystery is how she got her whole family put on #boss

Tee Reese said...


Thanks for the share Bruh! I can always count on a good laugh that includes some real talk when I check in.

By the way, I can't stand the National Anthem but I still stand and show respect, why? Our blood sweat and tears is the foundation of what made America what it is today.

♥ CG ♥ said...

Congrats K-Dizzle! Keep the off tha domes coming, so much to laugh about and nod in agreement to :-).

Unfortunately, I think "I'm too old for this shit" will be on my headstone.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I remember one time this dude came up to me in the club and he had on a 3 piece. I was tipsy as hell so when he asked me to dance, I said no. He asked why. I said "bc nicca you have on a 3 piece suit up in this hot ass club. I don't need you falling out on me on the dance floor". Then I walked off. My friend told me the next day what I said and I fell out laughing. We still laugh about that til this day.

I need football in my life also.

I like Ray Allen's mom. She is alright with me. I would be like AI's mom tho. Wearing his jersey and holding up a sign. lol

Hey. I'm L. said...

The only dudes that wear suits to the club are the ones who can't dance!

That Whatchamacallit pic took me back. My faves were Now&Later's and Rolos. Mmmm...Rolos...

Speaking of doing shit I'm too old for, my back is currently telling me that I'm too old for all this work I'm doing on my house. But ain't no way I'ma pay somebody to do some shit I can do myself!

Oh, and Charlie Sheen's a pimp.

Brothers Blog said...

Yo man congrats on 500 posts that's definitely a milestone!

I never understood the suit in the club thing either.

Bulls I'm predicting we make it to the eastern conf finals at least they do that and i'd be very proud.

And yeah everyone got a FB page. I'm still waiting on you to go like the blog site on fb...

Yo btw I'm 'borrowing' your off the dome idea for my blog tomorrow. But I gave credit don't worry. lol