Friday, March 4, 2011


He's cool. Very cool.

He's coming into his own.

For the first time in his life, he has TWO females fighting over him.

They aren't physically fighting over him but they are fighting for his "like" and "attention".

Here's the scenario...He's in class one day and he's chilling. Female #1 passes him a note. She asks him to be her boyfriend. He gladly accepts. He doesn't know what being a boyfriend means but he's cool with it b/c he likes her

A week later, he gets a note from Female #2. She tells him that he "should quit Female #1 so that SHE can be his girlfriend". He likes Female #2 more than he does #1 but he doesn't wanna hurt her feelings. As it turns out, both females were cheerleaders for his rival team. Female #2 stepped her game up by telling him that she "likes the way he dances and she likes his smile." He's flattered.

Before he can make a move, his note was snatched by his teacher.

And the teacher gave ME the note when I picked HIM (my 8yr old son, Kameron) up from school. I asked him to give me his version of the story and I almost crashed the car on our way home. I was laughing inside and trying my best not to laugh at him. It was one of the moments that I was supposed to be coaching/teaching him but I was laughing at the innocence of the moment. I liked girls when I was his age but it wasn't like this. He does it effortlessly. I asked him who did he like and he said he liked Female #2.

Him : She wants to go with me

Me : Go where?

Him : Go out

Me : Go out where?

Him : I dunno *blank stare*

This conversation (or the lackthereof) reminded me that he ain't my lil man no mo. He's growing up.

And these lil girls are growing up fast, too. Maybe too fast!


PrettyBlack said...

Too damn fast! Lol. My daughter better. Not. Ever. Chase a boy like that. Momma didn't have to and neither should you! Lol! But Kameron got game...I'm not mad. Too cute. It's time to start teaching him about hot little heifers and you know what. Sad to say but they are starting earlier and seeing more. Second graders in oakland having oral sex.
My daughter and I were singing along to the princess Tiana cd the other day with the Windows down and some dude pulls up on the side of us, kids in the back seat, baby mom, wife, whatever on the passenger side, smoking a black and ALL. OF. THEM. were singing along to pop lock and drop! True damn story. Sad to say but its not so innocent as it used to be.
But still the situation is cute.

Lady K said...

I am laughing like you because he is talking about going out with this girl and they don't know where to go! LOLOLOLOL!!!!

The cuteness of the whole thing is the innocence. They don't know what to do other than they just like one another. It's so sweet.

ShellyShell said...

Bwahahahaha! This is a funny azz story! It's so cute and innocent! LOL @ "She wants go with me?"
"Go where?" Too funny!

SLC said...

This is funny and scary all at once. I'm dealing with my six year old son who has a level of boldness I didn't have at his age. BUT the little girls in his class are tooooo bold.

The awesome thing is these little men have a good relationship with their father.

Enjoy the live in sitcom,


BrokN_RecorD said...

This is hilarious!!! I don't know how you kept a straight face because I'm sure I wouldnt have been able to. You do need to start schooling him in the ways of "the game." These kids are growing up way too fast; way more advanced than we were at that age. Good luck with this one...

P.S. Imma need updates on lil mans relationship status. Did he dump ole girl and go after #2?

She Draws said...

I thought this was one of your non-fictional stories bwhaaaa...pimpin'...see I don't need sons. I want a perfect little angel of a daughter.