Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love Jones on 12 Radio

"Y'all know that feeling of love that just make you feel so warm inside?
I swear there ain't nothing' like it y'all...ain't in beautiful?" Phonte of The Foreign Exchange

Have you ever had that feeling of love before?

You know. Love somebody to the point where it HURT!

The love...the kinda love that you couldn't imagine yourself without.

Or maybe it's the love that you found...

then lost...

then found again.

What about the love that feeds your soul?

Have you ever had it?

If you have had you still have it? If you've lost it, what are you gonna do to get it back?

Tune in tonight to 12 Radio at 9pm EST.

Topic...Love Jones Edition Part 2

Co-hosted by Sweet Stiletto

(347) 215-7162

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She Draws said...

Great show, I'll try to tune in more often but usually I'm all over the damn place...