Monday, November 29, 2010

off tha dome

random thoughts...

why is a 40 inch flat screen tv worth $200 on Black Friday but that same tv is worth $700 on Christmas Eve?

President Obama had to get 12 stitches from an elbow he caught while playing basketball. who elbows the Prez? he should have a triple double every time he gets on the court.

Vince y=Young...grow up, bruh. the opportunity to play in the NFL is a privilege. you should treat it as such

it was 78 degrees in Atlanta on thanksgiving day. wow. guess that's what they mean when they say we're gonna have a "mild winter"

sometimes i look at my timeline on twitter and i wonder if some of my followers ever "log off"?

i went to the "oldplaya's club" on friday night. bunch of cougars and old dudes. pure comedy. at the age of 37, i may have been the youngest dude in there

i watch NBC nightly news every night. i like Brian Williams. he always rocks a nice tie.

sometimes i look at my timeline on twitter and i wonder if some of my followers even work

when your birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas, people try to short you on gifts. guess it could be worse. i could have been a Christmas baby like Russ.

Lebron goes to Cleveland on Thursday night. should be interesting...

N. Korea vs S. Korea...scary

saw a truck with spinnin' rims the other day. do they still make those?

oatmeal raisin cookies

who is better singer...Beyonce or Janet Jackson???

i like the new Kanye cd. dope muzik. however, it won't make my ALBUM OF THE YEAR (blog soon to come)

as i was walking through the "old playa's club" the other night, i think one of those cougars grabbed me on my ass.

Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj...spare me...they both are wack

i like Thanksgiving alot more than i do Christmas

i still don't watch BET

i'll always love my first

to my single ladies...i have a friend for you. he's single, no kids, and he has his own empire. the only knock is that he lives with his father. you want me to introduce you to him???? his name is Lamont Sanford

communication...always has...and will be...a two way street

20 year high school class reunion is next year. guess who's gonna be fresh to def when he gets there...MEEEEE!

12 Radio is on every Wednesday night @ 9pm EST. *plug*

ladies...when do you tell a man you're in love with him?

fellas...if you gotta choose between your momma and your woman...who ya choosing?

Hey, me...777-9311


Tyrone said...

I wonder the same thing about my timeline (does anyone sleep or work?)

Charles said...

First's Sanaa gonna call you when she's smuttin' it up with me?? C'mon son...

And people stay on twitter at all times of the day...its crazy.

I seen people throwin' bows for the HDTVs this past weekend...maybe Obama really got caught up in that...cause really, who's throwin bows at my Prez? Don't they know that my lambo is blue..???

Brian Williams is that dude! And you best believe that I'm gonna watch the game this Thursday!

And both Nicki and Lil' Kim are irrelevant AT BEST. Kanye's album is okay, not revolutionary like everyone else claims.

And choosing between my mom and my depends on the situation. But if she's my wife, then she becomes the most important woman in my life period.

Tee Reese said...

Can I leave my # for Kerry Washington here!?! Lmbo!

I might have to send you some of random thoughts.

Good post!

The F$%K it List said...

You spend too much time wondering about what other people do... You know what let me stop working and tweet that right to you hahaha.

Obama can't get a triple double every time he hits the court his friends know him as Barack not President. So he's fair game, though busting up the lip he's gonna sound hella drunk if he has to do a press conference.

Nicki Minaj is a hot ghetto mess and Lil Kim is NOW her drunk ass Aunt. No one cares that much.

Kanye West's album is good but people need to stop drinking the Kanye Kool Aid it's not earth shaking.

I told my husband I loved him one day over the phone. He had already said it to me though :P

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Dope post dude.

The Prez has to earn everything, doesn't he.

Lamont Sanford - LOL!

At the OldPlayasClub - man, we gotta hang out the next time I'm in the ATL. I could use the comedy time.

Ditto Charles on the wife and momma thing.

777-9311 - those cats were the coolest.

CoogieCruz said...

20 year hs already know what I am going to say I am not even going to say it....

I told that evil man I loved him for the first time accidentally however it was after he told me and he already knew it cuz I had wrote it just didn't say the actual words, you know me.

Yea I wonder if a specific person sleeps too on my TL because time difference and all they're up when I wake up and when I go to sleep.

By the're old.