Monday, February 4, 2019

coming 2...

I'm not sure who came up with this idea.

Maybe they THOUGHT that it was a great idea.

I'm sure that's what they thought.

It's not a good all

Last month, it was announced that Eddie Murphy would be returning to the big screen as Prince Akeem for the sequel to Coming to America. The original smash movie made it's debut 30 years ago in 1988. In a released statement, Eddie Murphy said...

"After many years of anticipation, I'm thrilled that Coming to America 2 is officially moving forward... We've assembled a great team that will be led by Craig Brewer, who just did an amazing job on Dolemite, and I'm looking forward to bringing all these classic and beloved characters back to the big screen."

It was also revealed that Kenya Barris, the creator of black-ish (one of my favorite shows), will be writing the screenplay.

When I heard this news, I immediately slumped in my seat. Anybody that knows me...knows that this is my favorite comedy of all time! I remember going to movie theaters back in '88 to see the movie. I also remember watching it a gazillion times on HBO. Like most fans of this movie, I know EVERY line from this movie. This movie was a cultural event. Even to this day, when this movie comes on tv, I will sit and watch it as if I've never seen it. To say that I love this movie, it's an understatement.

That said...

They don't need to make a sequel. This movie is perfect just the way that it is. I really don't know that you can "re-create" the magic from 1988. While Eddie Murphy is one of the greatest comedians we've ever seen, I don't know if he can pull this off. I mean...when is the last time we've seen Eddie Murphy be REALLY funny? It's been a minute. I'm all for nostalgia but I just don't know about this one. Sometimes things can be better the second time around when it comes to movies. I don't think that can/will happen here. If I think this movie was perfect, how do you duplicate perfection. You can't.

Who am I fooling? I'll probably go to see it. My expectations will be very low but I'll go. Can a movie that was dope 30 years ago be dope the 2nd time around????

We'll see...

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