Tuesday, January 15, 2019

off tha dome...

random thoughts...

hey man...it's mid January, you can take your Christmas tree and lights down

i'll start caring about a border wall once Flint, Michigan gets clean water. they STILL don't have clean water. smh

speaking of Christmas, why don't we ever hear Christmas songs AFTER Christmas?

some kid in China sold his kidney for an iPhone. it would have been easier (and less painful) if he actually stole an iPhone

i wasn't surprised that Clemson beat Alabama for the National Championship. however, i was surprised to see Clemson throw Alabama down a flight of stairs the way that they did

i didn't need to sit through 6 episodes of a docu-series to realize that RKelly is a piece of shit. i didn't plan to watch it nor will i watch it. i stopped listening to him years ago. some people say that they "can separate the man from the music." I can't. i can't support that pedophile.

do people still smoke cigarettes?

Facebook has your data. it has everybody's data. even if you aren't on Facebook

if you had to rate Beyonce's skill as a singer (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest) where would you rate her?

as i've gotten older, i'm more cautious about what i watch and i hear. the things that you see and the things that you hear have an effect on what your mindset. don't mess with your mindset

i'd say Beyonce is probably at 6.5 or 7

with the invention of GPS on phones, road maps are obsolete. tell the truth, if someone gave you a road map today, would you know how to read it?

Michael Jordan NEVER called himself the greatest of all time

years ago, i told one of my friends "One day...we as a people...will figure this out. We will get it right." I remember saying that back when I said it. Now? I'm not so sure.

everybody should be off on MLK's birthday

where would Steph Curry be if he believed those who doubted him

always bet on yourself

i've never been to Vegas. maybe this is the year that i make it

i brought in the new year watching The Roots at the Roxy here in Atlanta. Phenomenal concert!

when is the last time that you mailed something and had to buy a stamp?

why do women wear open toed shoes in the winter?

you know what happens to EVERYBODY but they never want to admit it? the fact that you've been dumped. it happens to us all.

yeah, i was dumped before. you wanna hear the story? well...it's like this...

how is it 70 degrees in the winter and NO kids are outside playing? smh

nah, i ain't telling you how i got dumped and who dumped me. why would i do that??? lol

sometimes i'll record a podcast and just let it sit for a few weeks. then when i think i'm ready to release it, i listen to it and i'm like "nahhhh, i can do this better." maybe that's me...or maybe that's just weird.

the Super Bowl will be played here in Atlanta in less than 3 weeks. if you're thinking about moving here, then let me advise you...don't move here. Atlanta is full 

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