Tuesday, July 25, 2017

off tha dome

random thoughts...

remember when love songs were actually about LOVE and mad you think about that special person...

which chore would you rather do...wash dishes, sweep the floor, or take out the trash?

i've got a gazillion cds. i probably should convert them but i'm too lazy to do that

remember the game that you played as a kid called Jacks. what was the purpose of that game? it seemed dumb to me

the lady who plays tambourine at your church is ALWAYS a half beat off the rhythm. don't believe me...watch her the next time that she plays

i hate washing the dishes

my girlfriend is coming back...can't wait to see her

you know what's better than having paperless bills? no bills.

speaking of bills...i don't think i've written a check to pay a bill in like 2 years

Insecure is one of the best shows on tv. Period!

jay z's album 4:44 was good...not great. he could have been better. but i dug it

raise your hand if you had to be in the house by the time the street lights came on in the summertime...

i know it was hot when i was growing up in the 80s but i don't think it was THIS hot. this heat is brutal.

somebody said "jay z is the first to make a grown man hip hop album" whaaaaaaaattt? that's comically ignorant

i'm still trying to figure out how 50 million people voted for ya manz...smh

"It's too hot outside for us to go outside"...words we never said as kids growing up

Girls Trip was just as funny to me as The Hangover. I loved it and I'll see it again. Don't get it twisted, it's not just about 4 women...it's about their friendship. I found myself relating to a lot of the aspects of the movie.

i listen to a lot of podcasts. but i give them 5 mins. if you don't hook me in the first 5 mins, i'm done.

i don't understand how people drink coffee past 10am. i can't

"If You Only Knew" by Patti LaBelle...still incredibly dope after all of these years. love that song

the Golden State Warriors are scary

Patti LaBelle is one of my mom's favorite singers

i think iPhone purposely makes raggedy chargers. smh

"when I'm writing, i'm trapped in between the lines..."

always bet on yourself

i tell my kids not to bring their cellphones to the dinner table. that's the one place where we want to sit and talk as a family.

lemon pepper wings are sooooo good

has Sade ever come with some wack music? nope! never!

never warm up leftover fish in the microwave at work

fellas...there should be an empty space between men at a bathroom urinal

wait...should it be called a bathroom or restroom? especially when you're talking about one in public. you're not bathing nor are you resting...

Skyler and Brandon will soon be taking piano lessons. I'm happy. I took one lesson and quit

to suggest that this man should cut his afro is to suggest that he should be "less black". that's ignorant

i'm surprised that you are shocked that RKelly is still outchea being a pervert...

Usher? herpes? damn

white Macadamia cookies are so dope

some schools here in Metro Atlanta start school next week. damn...where did the summer go?

1 comment:

Tee Reese said...

You already know!!!


Seriously, wasn't going to see 'Girls Trip' but I don't got into the business of trusting your judgement.. Your Man'ness ~fist bump~ And yes, laughed as much as Hangover. And definitely can relate on the friendship thing.

I'm still baffled.. 50 million people voted for with some still willing to defend it. Insane!!!

Our blackness, still an issue... SMH

Haven't been to church since I work on Sundays but when I did.. yeah the tambourine lady, the she-he will get your attention every time because.. they are way off. -_-

Preciate ya, enjoyed the read!