Tuesday, March 28, 2017

off tha dome

random thoughts...

spring is here...so is the pollen

i really feel for people with bad allergies

do you think President Obama misses us? we damn sure miss him...

the month of April is almost here. how are those new years resolutions going

vocally...for me...it doesn't get much better than Jill Scott & Erykah Badu

tell me something...how does SEVERAL young, black women disappear from our nation's capital and there's NO NEWS COVERAGE about it?

if i became a muli-millionaire tomorrow...my friends would STILL clown me about the time that i threw up in the strip club at Roody's bachelor party. gotta love those kinda friends

i finally saw Get Out. incredible movie. a must see! i'll definitely see it again

why do people ask people who are married but don't have any kids yet..."so, when are y'all gonna have kids?"

sometimes you have to ask yourself..."do you really want to win...or do you want to look good while loosing?"

did you hear about the domestic terrorist white man who drove to nyc so "he could kill black men?" he killed one before being arrested. did you hear about it? i didn't hear one news outlet call him a terrorist. i wonder why???

i can ice skate backwards but i can't roller skate backwards. not sure why

i'm almost certain that the good folks at Krispy Kreme put crack in these things

did the tweeter in chief mention the terrorist? if he did...i missed it

Skyler : "Daddy, did you have an iPhone when you were a little boy?" i don't know if i stopped laughing to answer her

i was in the restroom at work the other day. some dude was on his cellphone while on the toilet, flushed it, and walked out. didn't even think to wash his hands...

fellas...most women who SOUND good over the phone don't look good. can i get a witness?

ladies...why do you go to the restroom in numbers with your friends?

is it restroom or bathroom? you're not resting in a public place...and you're definitely not taking a bath

i enjoyed having the opportunity to speak at my grandmother's funeral last month. while i will miss her, i am thankful for having her here for 95 years. and it was great seeing my family. some of them i haven't seen in years

keep it real...shEther was one of the best diss records that you've heard in a minute

can somebody get steve harvey outta here

i'm not sure who June's Diary is...or who authorized them to remake Jodeci's "Stay"...but it's pretty dope

my boy Tee Reese can roller skate. maybe he can show me how to do it backwards

i'm amazed at how people are surprised when i tell them that i don't eat chocolate or watermelons

i know i've said this every year but THIS will be the year that i take piano lessons

ya manz (aka 45) has been playing golf every weekend in florida. he's not doing much in washington...might as well chill on the weekends

i don't know how y'all subject your eyes and ears to reality tv. i can't

do you have a piano that i can borrow?

you can find me on deck listening to music and grillin on most weekends. you can come through and kick it. but don't come empty handed

fellas...be who you are. she'll like you. trust me

ladies...if a man has no direction in life...leave him alone. he's lost. you don't want to be lost with him

don't talk...just listen

i didn't watch the Oscars but when i heard about what happened...i can't lie...i laughed loudly

if there's such a thing as socially anti-social...that's me

lavar ball isn't helping his sons

turkey bacon is good for you but it don't taste as good as the real bacon

gimme the real bacon

never been a fan of cats

thanks for reading this blog. i appreciate it. i really do. even those who read but don't comment. i still appreciate it

this blog is almost 10 yrs old. damn. where did the time go?

and thanks for listening to the 12kyle podcast

never push your creativity.

i really feel like the Falcons let America down

i ain't gonna talk about that game. i don't wanna start cussin

there's always somebody with 15 items in the "10 Items or less" aisle in the grocery store

LeBron recently said he missed 82 days of school in the 4th grade. not sure how that's humanly possible. i'm glad he passed...but i'm not sure what he learned that year

if you're the smartest person in the room...then you're probably in the wrong room

fellas...you get shoot your way out of the friend zone

ladies...if he's in the friend zone, let him know that he's there. don't encourage him to be a fool

i'm a foooooooool for youuuuuuuuuu

along with learning the piano and learning how to roller skate backwards...i need to become fluent in Spanish.

is there a more boring chore than folding clothes??

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Tee Reese said...


If I teach you how to rollerskate backwards.. I'll have to teach my signature move... It worked when I was wooing that last woman I dated. Okay maybe not.. But I definitely knew she was watching me put in that work.. head nod and wink. Yeah, I see you lookin'!!

As always, never a let down. Worth the wait.. But still! Keep 'em coming, and much sooner than later.

Ha ha!