Friday, October 21, 2016

off tha dome

random thoughts...

haven't done this in a minute. tell the truth you missed it...didn't you? of course you did.

if i had a dollar for every time that i ordered a hamburger and said "hold the onions and tomatoes"...only to find them on my burger

i REALLY need to take piano lessons. i took two lessons as a kid then quit

can we get the gas prices back down to $1.55?

i guess i need a piano

if you want to get a reaction from people, tell them you don't eat any form of chocolate. they'll look at you like you're a com-youuu-nist. sorry y'all. i don't eat it

speaking of food, i had Twizzler the other day. i hadn't had one in at least 5 or 6 years. it was pretty good. brought back good memories.

can somebody tell 2016 that it's taken enough of our loved ones, friends, and celebrities. it can chill for now.

i'm a picky eater. always have been. but i want my kids to eat everything. doesn't that sound funny?

at some point, i'm going to write a book

do you feel that chill in the air? fall is here. it's my favorite season

the weird thing about fall here in'll have your heat on in your car when you're driving to work in the morning. then, you'll have your AC on in your car when you're leaving work in the afternoon.

whatever happened to Adina Howard?

i saw the other day and it made so much sense to me...

i went to the Bad Boy concert last month. somebody asked me why didn't i post videos. i told them that i went to see the concert...not to record videos. i think sometimes you can miss the moment while trying to capture it for others...

Skyler turned 5 last month. where did the time go?

Contrary to popular opinion, irregardless is not a word...or is it?

according to my homeboy, "the best way to tell if a woman is crazy...go to their Instagram page. If you see more words than pictures, they are crazy"

how did SWV's "Downtown" get played on the radio?

i'm sorry...i'm just not into Lil Uzi Vertical Black Kodak Young blah blah blah. you can pop to it. not me. it ain't for me and i'm cool with that

proud member of the Centennial Class (1996) of South Carolina State University...yep...that's me

hard to believe that I graduated 20 years ago. that sounds funny to me. has it really been that long?

did Phil Collins ever tell us what Sussudio was or what it meant?

i think i want the new iPhone 7

i crack up every time that i see that Ice T commercial

can i borrower your piano?

did you know that many schools don't teach kids how to write in cursive?

do you ever say something then pause and think to yourself..."damn, i sound like my parents!"

Mary J Blige is getting a divorce. that's sad.

freedom of speech ain't free. never forget that

Penny Gordon is pregnant at 50 and is stunning

if Senator Barack Obama had told his friends that he "grabbed women by the p*&$#" do you think he would have been the President

i'm all about free apps on the iPhone

the older i've gotten, the less i like wearing ties.

i'm feeling that new show...Insecure on HBO

that new Solange album is soooooo dope. you gotta listen to it...if you haven't already

speaking of dope, the 12Kyle Podcast is pretty damn dope...modestly speaking

shout out to my Terry. i told you i'd bring the off tha dome back! thanks for reading as usual, fam. I appreciate it

fellas...never make a joke about menstrual cycles or pap smears. it won't be funny

ladies...there is such a thing as putting on too much perfume

i have a love/hate relationship with facebook

hard to believe Prince is gone

it's about to be jeans, Timbs, and hoodie weather

i hate daylight savings time.

can i kick it?

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Tee Reese said...

Bout darn time!!! Ha ha