Monday, April 11, 2016

the path to her heart

The path to her heart was not an open road

Her past experiences had clearly taken a toll.

The mind told her that it was time for her to let down her guard and love for free

Her heart was questioning if that would be something that she'd ever see

The internal struggle between the head and the heart...she had to endure

There is a remedy for everything. But for her broken heart there was no cure.

Attempting to convince herself that it was time to forget about the past

She wanted to open up herself to a love that would last.

There were plenty of men...past and present...who tried

but she had become tired of their games and lies

She wanted a real man! A man with whom she could truly be herself

A man who could touch her soul...unlike any one else.

Was this some type of dream or fantasy? A man like that can only be found on tv or on a movie screen

She wasn't convinced that he existed because that type of man she had never seen.

When it came to relationships, she loved hard. She always gave it her all

But she had grown tired of looking at herself in the mirror and watching her tears fall

She wondered to herself out loud why she wasn't being loved the way that she needed to be love.

She loved herself but she still yearned for a man's kisses and hugs

Deep down within, she knew that she was worthy of getting what she wanted from a real man

She wanted a man that would look into her eyes, kiss her softly, and softly hold her hands.

Her past relationships...good and bad...helped her lose herself...only to prepare her to find a love that was true

She was hopeful...yet find that special kind of love and see it all the way through

Then one day she saw a man from across a crowded room. Handsome face, nice body, perfect teeth, and a smile that lit up the room

Her heart began to race, palms became sweaty, and she was nervous. But was this too soon?

It wasn't. She was already gone. She had fallen in love the moment that she laid eyes on him. And he had no clue

She was confident in herself but she wasn't sure of her of what she should do

The butterflies of love at first were intoxicating and were feelings that she didn't want to let go

Much to her surprise...he saw her, their eyes passionately locked. He opened his mouth and confidently said "Hello."

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