Tuesday, February 2, 2016

off tha dome

random thoughts...

you know what's annoying...watching people walk around with their bluetooth earpiece in their ear when they are NOT on the phone.

one month down already for 2016. did it go by fast or what?

Mitt Romney has to be looking at Donald Trump and thinking "this is what it takes to win? Damn, I should have done this too"

my girlfriend is about to leave and I'm not happy about that at all

we're a month into 2016 and some of you are doing the same dumb stuff that you did last year. "new year...new me"! what happened to that???

i'm already ready for spring

i'm not sure about you...but i pray for my friends. why? that's what i'm supposed to do. that's just how i get down

gas prices are down to $1.50. that's cool with me.

some of the same folks who petitioned to have the show, Sorority Sisters, taken off the air...still faithfully watch Real Housewives of Atlanta

last year we got two surprise albums from D'Angelo and Dr Dre. maybe we can get a surprise album from LBoogie. i miss Lauryn Hill

New Edition to my generation is like what the Temptations were to the older generation

have you ever been riding beside a raggedy car that was making a lot of noise? you were so disturbed by the noise that you thought it was your car that was making the noise.

I miss watching Saturday morning cartoons

while I miss the concept of having a live show, The 12kyle Podcast is less time-consuming and more fun. I'm loving it.

Skyler is four years old and she is reading better than her brothers did at this age. I'm very impressed.

when somebody begins a sentence with the phrase..."I don't mean any harm but..." or "No disrespect..." it's usually means something that's not good will follow it

i think it's deplorable that the Oscars didn't nominate any person of color for their top awards. that said...to hell with the Oscars. i never watch it anyway

speaking of deplorable, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan is beyond deplorable.

i think i have too many passwords for my computers. the other day when i was at work, i tried to put my home login password into my work computer

thanks for the inspiration. it means a lot

"when I'm writing I'm trapped in between the lines, I escape when I finish the rhyme..." i think i'm starting to understand that feeling

i miss the old days of Blogger. it was like the neighborhood where everybody hung out. i miss y'all. no lie

do people still make REAL love songs anymore?

i don't like cats. never have.

i'm seriously thinking about getting a fish. just one. i'm gonna call him Abraham

are you intrigued??? Si, Si!! i love Papi. he's the funniest dude on tv

if you ever want to follow some of the worst crimes that are committed each day...follow the money trail.

i'm from the "go together era". back in the day, i wouldn't just say you are my girlfriend but we "go together". not sure what we meant or where we were going but it sounded fly

hip hop lives in me. i'll probably speaking in hip hop slang as an old man

the lady who lives around the corner from me STILL has not taken down her Christmas lights. c'mon son!!!

has there ever been a day when you didn't listen to any music? i can't say that it's ever happened to me

remember the kid in your 3rd grade art class who could never "color inside the lines"...yeah...that's me to this day

i took home economics when i was in the 8th grade just because all of the cute girls were in that class

willie washington! lmao! still funny to this day

i learned how to sew in that home economics class but i've forgotten how

my favorite network on tv right now...the Food Network...hands down

the best hour on tv...The Blacklist

i wonder what my elementary school teachers would think if they read this

writing in cursive...it's a lost art

let love reside IN YOU. that way, when you tell somebody that you love them...they not only see it but they FEEL it

yeah...i'm gonna get a black fish

love resides in me

there is a video of me as a teen singing in the church choir. if you ever saw that video, i'd have to erase the person who showed it to you. they'd get erased from the face of the earth. hahahah

Yo MTV Raps gets the slight edge over BET's Rap City

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