Saturday, September 19, 2015

PODCAST : theRandoms

On this episode of the 12 Radio Show, I’m joined by my homie, eclectik. The concept of this episode came about when I asked him to join me for a show.

He agreed. 

He said “what are we going to talk about?” 

My response…”I’m not going to tell you!!!” 

Unlike any of the other episodes of the 12 Radio Show, he has NO IDEA what I’m going to ask him. The only thing that he knows is that it will be a ton of random, off the wall questions! The questions aren’t meant to “stump” him…or you…the listener…but they are questions that make you think! The questions are wide ranging and speak to your personality and thoughts. To his credit, eclectik did a phenomenal job.

 Check us out and tell me what you think. We present…theRandoms


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