Saturday, June 27, 2015

losing a good man

She tried really hard to make her relationship work

That can be difficult when you are emotionally hitched to a jerk

She was captivated by visions of love, marriage, and kids

But his actions made her feel like she could no longer live

Bound by confusion and grappled with fear

She made up her mind that she had shed her last tear.

The relationship that she longed for had finally come to an end

3 kids from 3 different baby daddies later...the third time wasn't a charm

It was a dud. And it was at that moment that she became alarmed.

She realized that she had lost that friend

You know that friend...the one who was always around to hear her cries

But for him, there was no real attraction in her eyes.

She knew that he liked her despite her mistakes

But when she made her final call to was too late

Her anger in his "disappearance" was something she couldn't understand

Simply put...she had lost her best chance at landing a "good man".

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