Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When a woman asks a man...

When a woman asks a man...What's your purpose in life?

She does it because she's inquisitive not because she wants to be his wife.

She asks because she knows which buttons to press

But only she would ask him that question...because she's different from the rest

When a woman asks a man...Who do you want to be?

She's motivating him to have a vision far beyond what his eyes can see

At that moment, she's pushing and motivating him to be great

Their future lies ahead and time will seal their fate

When a woman asks a man...How do you want to live?

She desires his whole being and her love she is willing to give

She knows that he's a gem and together they can do no wrong

They are both cut from the same cloth. And together they both belong.

When a woman asks a man...Where do you want to go?

She is hoping to get the right response. But she will already know.

His answer is simple. "Anywhere as long as I am with you, dear."

Her heart races. Palms get sweaty. The words from his mouth was music to her ears.

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