Friday, August 1, 2014

off tha dome

random thoughts...

what ever happened to Magoo? one day he was doing songs with Timbaland and the next day he's gone

the summer has been relatively mild. this means the winter will be BRUTAL

5 to 6 hrs of sleep is enough for me. if i slept 8 hrs, I'd be grumpy

i love R&B music from the 90s

why are people leaving their kids in their hot cars? senseless...

R&B music died after the 90s

i read a headline that said 60 people shot over the weekend. i thought it was about the Gaza Strip. it wasn't. it happened in Chicago

my girlfriend is back!!!

let's see if I can describe my trip to NYC 2 wks, partying with the crew, drinks, Yankees game, more partying...and did I mention partying with the crew?

Mary J Blige's debut album, What's the 411?, came out 20 yrs ago. Wow. Time flies

John Boehner looks like that dude who couldn't get a girl in high school nor college so he tried to "buy" them.

can somebody explain how a NFL player will get suspended for 4 games for using drugs but Ray Rice ONLY got suspended for 2 games for knocking out his wife???

do you remember when you played outside ALL day? the only time that you came inside was to eat lunch or to get some water

we always used Number 2 pencils growing up. Is there a such thing as Number 3 or Number 4 pencils

i've gotta write more poetry. i just have to sit down to do it. i've got like 10 poems in my head

my golf game needs work

i remember when MTV actually showed VIDEOS

this Ebola virus epidemic is scary

they still haven't found that plane...have they?

i've been a soundboard for a few of my friends recently. i'm glad that they trust me and my words. i don't take it lightly

we should have known LeBron was going back to Cleveland after his WIFE posted on instagram that the "countdown was on" after they lost to the Spurs

can we get one more season of the Chapelle Show?

the one subject that we took in high school that we'll NEVER see again...geometry

oatmeal raisin cookies are everything

i hated geometry

remember the maxi-single? the first maxi-single that i bought was Pretty Brown Eyes by Mint Condition. i still have it at my mom's house

thanks for supporting Dead End Sports. i appreciate the love!!!

i tried to color in a coloring book the other day and i STILL can't stay within the lines. damn!

do yourself a favor...go see The Foreign Exchange in concert this summer. Phenomenal

i think i want a dog

the new cd from Marsha Ambrosius, Friends and Lovers, is sooooo cold. it's an iceberg

my kids go back to school in 2 weeks. where did the summer go?

Walmart, Target, and Best Buy...3 stores that I can't go in and buy just ONE thing

Fellas...if your woman says "Fine" me...everything ain't fine more attention to what a man does than to what he says. some men will say anything. there is a huge gap between their actions and words

i never get into the MJ vs Prince debate. but when it comes to women...Prince has Mike beat!!!

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The F_Uitlist said...

Let me just go on and photoshop myself into these NY pics.