Monday, March 10, 2014

3 principles

There are three principles of business that I think are key to ANY successful business

1. Treat people with dignity and respect.

This goes a long way. It doesn't matter if you are dealing with the Vice President of your company or the kid in the mail room. Treat people well. They will always remember it and appreciate it.

2. Never be too "big" to do something.

Far too often...people will say "I'm not doing that. It's not in my job description. Let somebody else to it." If I'm the CEO and I see that the trash needs to be taken out of the building, then I'll do it. People respect you even more when they see you go the extra mile.

3. Make work fun

Nobody works for free. Most people spend 8 hrs a day at work. Help people ENJOY their time at work. You've gotta be you might as well have fun while you're there.

I've worked in corporate America for 15 yrs. I've learned a lot and seen a lot, too. One day...sooner than later...I'll transition to run my own company.

I'll be taking these principles with me.

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