Thursday, December 5, 2013

off tha dome

random thoughts...

this blog is coming up on it's 6 yr blogversary. the problem is...i can't remember when it is

i haven't worn a turtleneck since i was in the 7th grade.

it's mind boggling that people will wait in line for hours for black friday but won't attend a PTA meeting

one day it'll all make sense

that game between Alabama and Auburn was the second best finish in college football...behind the California vs Stanford game

i remember when me and my boy would call the girls that we liked on a 3 way call. not sure why we did that

if you have not seen this show, The Blacklist, do yourself a favor...check it out. i'll put it right behind Scandal as far as must see tv

glad to hear that Outkast will be touring next year. no mention of a new album but i'll take it.

if a woman sleeps with 4 different dudes each year...starting at the age of the time she's 39...she's got 88 bodies under her belt. sounds like a lot, huh? it is...but if you meet a 39 woman who said she's been slayed by 88 dudes...that's how she got there

somebody told me the Soul Train Music Awards came on tv the other day. i didn't even know Soul Train still came on tv...

i don't do music award shows. too many wack artists winning categories that they shouldn't even be in

what is your first memory of being on the Internet? mine? i remember getting in a Black Planet chat room. scared the hell out of me.

do people still talk on the phone? i do. gimme a nice long convo on the phone any day. text msgs are cool but i like to talk

i went to the gas station yesterday. the vehicle ahead of me was a Hummer. dude only put $10 in his tank. i hope he wasn't planning to go far

i slide into the age of 41 on monday. i'm having a party and you are invited. just bring a nice gift. i need more ties. and wine. that's all

The Best Man Holiday - MUST SEE MOVIE! I plan to see it again.

thanks for reading. i'm glad that you do. i see you!

potty training for girls seems to be soooooo much more easier than it is for boys

while scrolling through instagram the other, i found somebody who had like 500 "selfies". no lie. that seems a bit vain. do you love yourself THAT much? lol

i want a piano

me and the homie, eclectik nailed this podcast (The Blend Tape - hip hop and r&b collaborations)

most used app on my iPhone...Flipboard

the new Entourage movie starts production next month. can't wait

it's been a disappointing NFL season for the Falcons and the Giants. but the Cowboys will fall on their face. and that makes me smile

the two best Christmas songs ever...Silent Night - The Temptations & This Christmas - Donnie Hathaway

if you can't be happy for your friends success...who can you be happy for?

still praying for you! the breakthrough is coming. i believe it. i do

i'm very careful with the words i use...

i am moved by words

2013 is almost over. where did the year go?

you think you're good? you wanna play me?

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LadyLee said...

I want to see Blacklist, but I didn't catch it from the first episode.

I can play golf if I am allowed to cheat.

I was in Grad school when internet first came out. I used it to do some homework. I feel old now.

PTA is not as important as that black friday sale, bruh.

Happy early birthday, man!