Wednesday, March 13, 2013

off tha dome

random thoughts...

gold all in my chain...(don't mind me...sometimes I type whatever I hear)

i didn't know that you still read this blog. thanks for reading. it means a lot to me.

what goes down at a conclave to choose a new pope? do they bring in "entertainment" to lighten the mood?

i don't trust that lil dude in North Korea.

i still miss my girlfriend but i'm coping

the start of NFL free agency is like Christmas for NFL fans.

i was on a conference call at work the other day. a co-worker asked me where i lived. i replied "Atlanta". she said " you ever see those Atlanta Housewives around?" *blank stare*

i heard that they don't teach writing in cursive in some schools anymore. that's sad. but it's cool. i hate writing in cursive. other than my signature, my cursive writing is horrible and not legible

instagram ain't for everybody

speaking of handwriting, every left handed person that i know has sloppy handwriting

my new favorite red wine...

i heard Billie Jean on the radio the other day. it's still hard to believe that Michael Jackson is dead

i had a ball with my crew at the CIAA Tournament last weekend. looking forward to doing it again next year

note to self about takes the body a week to recover from the partying, drinking, and lack of sleep

can somebody tell me why Brandon Knight tried to "stop" DeAndre Jordan from dunking?

speaking of the NBA, i think we can give the crown to Lebron and the Miami Heat right now. you can't beat them

RIP we just killed the club...RIP..RIP..RIP...RIP...RIP

i love pistachios...does that make me bougie?

i just saw the video for Rhianna's Pour It Up. i love the song. but the video lost me

i'm from the era of when the video was an extension of the song

i want you to remember this when you are going through a struggle in your life

i spent 2 hrs trying to find a suit to buy today and still didn't find what i wanted. i hate shopping. do you know who is the hardest person for me to purchase clothes for??? ME

have you ever noticed when you're shopping and you NEED help...there is nobody around but the salespeople will bother you when you DON'T need their help

other than some flurries in Charlotte last weekend, i have managed to dodge snow this winter. i like that

i heard that the price of stamps were going up again. damn, who still uses stamps? not me

my grandmother turns 92 next month. i'm happy about that. it's a blessing

it's about to get warm. i'll be working on my golf game soon

fellas...when you can be around her and just look at her without saying any words...that's love right there

ladies...remember that Eve was created from Adam's rib...not his spine. you are meant to walk alongside your man...not behind him have a better chance with a woman when you show her who you are. women want the original...not a duplicate

ladies...when putting on clothes, don't show it all. leave something for the imagination

i've had the EP by Daley for months and didn't even know it. I'm feelin the joint with him and Marsha Ambrosious..."Alone Together" - you're the desert sand I'll be your water. And you're the perfect plan I never thought of...

this cracks me up...



Queen of My Castle said...

ROFL! I LOVE the OTD posts. That RIP song makes me laugh, along with that Thrift Shop song that out now. I admit I only listen to that Trinidad guy's song for the "Whew!" part. LOL

That little dude in Korea reminds me of George Dub Ya...carrying out his father's dumb arse plans of revenge for no damn reason at all.

I HATE that Menage red wine. I tried it once. Had my tummy wore all the way up.

We didn't get any snow here in Houston, either. *blank stare*

True. We want the real you. No fillers, no chaser, just the honest truth of who and what you are.

Jazzy said...

If it wasn't for twitter, I would have NO IDEA who this Trinidad is...I'm still not sure why he's known at all o_O

I haven't mailed anything via snail mail in ages. I don't even know how much stamps cost. Are they a dollar yet?

You still miss the girlfriend who??? Twitter?

My sis is a lefty and has HORRID handwriting. However my uncle (also a lefty) had beautiful handwriting. It's definitely a sign of the times that penmanship isn't taught anymore.

LadyLee said...

Dear Sir...

You're bougie because you don't eat watermelon and chocolate. Don't blame it on the pistachios!