Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Skyler

I remember it like it was yesterday

It was May 10, 2011. I was at the doctor's office with Mommy. The doctor looked at us and said..."You're having a GIRL!!!" 

I was SO happy! A girl? Finally!!! 

But a few seconds later...reality set in. My joy turned to fear because I knew nothing about girls. We had already dealt with raising your 3 brothers. In my mind...sons were work but easy for me. I understand them. But a girl? Can I raise a girl? Am I ready to bring a girl into this world? I remember praying that night and asking God that you come to us healthy. And that's all that I prayed for. I knew if I trusted HIM, that my fears would be eased. And they were

September 28, 2011 was one of the happiest...if not the happiest day of my life. God blessed us with you. Words cannot explain how I felt to see your little round face. Before you were delivered, the doctor asked me how much I thought you'd weigh. I said "seven pounds and four ounces"...and I was correct. Mommy and Auntie Lisa named you Skyler. They insisted that your name be spelled the way that it is because in your name is my name. 

This past year has been a blessing. My life has changed so much since your arrival. All of my friends who have daughters told me that I was gonna change. And I have!! I've gone from being Rambo with your brothers to Barney with you. You've already learned at a young age that you have Daddy wrapped around your finger. You are truly a Daddy's Girl. I'm proud to say that! Your intelligence and strength is beyond your age and I hope that it continues. 

I know that it's easy for me to want you to be a sweet, cuddly little baby forever but that's not likely. You'll grow into a little girl...then young woman...then grown woman. But you'll always be Daddy's princess. I understand that the relationship that you and I share will help mold your thoughts and opinions on men. I know the bar is set high but I hope that you will learn the lessons that I try to teach you. I'm sure it won't be easy to date when you have THREE older, protective brothers. Not to mention a father who won't let you see any bum off the streets. But I'll be fair. I'll give you the same things that I've given your, discipline, and an example to follow. 

Today we celebrate your first birthday. I hope that you have at least 100 more. And one day I want you to read this and get the feelings and the emotions that I feel. I love how we laugh and play together. I love how you lay on my chest when you fall asleep. I love it all. Most importantly, Daddy loves you!

Happy Birthday Skyler! 


chele said...

So beautiful! Happy birthday Skyler!

Single Ma said...

She is gorgeous! Happy Born Day, baby girl!

Tee Reese said...

Happy Birthday to that beautiful little princess. Skyler shares this day with my mother.

Once again.. Congrats Dad Kyle 1 2!

laughing808 said...

Happy Birthday Skyler!!!!

Adrienne said...

This is SOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!! Happy Belated Birthday Skyler!!!

LadyLee said...

Aww... Happy Birthday Skyler!!!

Don said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter, fam.

That's whats up @
This past year has been a blessing. My life has changed so much since your arrival. All of my friends who have daughters told me that I was gonna change. And I have!!

Hey. I'm L. said...

What a beautiful baby and family, Kyle. Little girls have a tendency to turn the macho-est of men into mushy-faced teddy bears. Love it!!