Tuesday, July 31, 2012

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i'm thinking about bringing the beard back. not like James Harden but i might let it grow

not sure why Mitt-i-ful Romney decided to speak before the NAACP. what was he looking to accomplish? did he think everybody would hit the floor and do the 'lectric slide and the cha cha slide with him?

Family Guy is maaaad funny

i was jumping around like i won the nba championship when i heard that DirecTV had removed EBT from my tv.

i know it's not cool to talk bad about the dead...but if I was near Joe Paterno...i'd slap those glasses off his face

it's almost time for my girlfriend to come back. i've missed her

have you ever thought a piece of your hair was very light...based on the way the light was shining on it. then you realize it's a gray hair

why do you have to tell people on airplanes SEVERAL times to turn their phones off before take off

speaking of planes...I took this pic in the Jacksonville airport last week

why are most items on infomercials advertised at a price that ends in .99 cents?

favorite ice cream...strawberry...then butter pecan. yours?

sometimes i wonder how we made it without cell phones

speaking of phones...look at what i saw yesterday. didn't know these things were still around

life is good...life is good...life is good

school starts for the kids in 2 weeks. damn, where did the summer go?

i told my oldest son that i would give him a hooptie when he's in high school. he said..."Dad, what's a hooptie?"

i'm going to try to write more. i promise. thank you for reading. i appreciate it

i wish i had time to read a book.

remember the first day of school when you rocked the new gear? i always had to rock something fresh

i year ago today i was sitting on a beach in Jamaica. today, i'm sitting in this Georgia heat.

you ever have a friend who will say the shit that you WON'T say but THINK. well, i have 2 friends like that. i love em for that. i'm  not that outspoken.

some days i like facebook...some days i don't

12 RADIO SHOW on Wednesday night...you betta tune in.

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hey Prez O...I FEEEEEEEEEL you bruh!!!!


Don said...

Mitt Romney comment: Hilarious. I believe someone gave Mitt the wrong advice.

Lol. That's cold, fam, you'd really slap the man's glasses off his face?

Let's not talk about gray hair. Sigh. And please don't mention thinning hair. President Obama probably feels the same way.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream is the bomb.

What's a hooptie? Ha. I wonder what young teens call such cars nowadays?

I believe I'm the outspoken friend in my group. Just yesterday a few of us met up at Mazzio's and I had a few choice words for whomever was attending the salad bar. No pickles, no jalapeno's, no mushrooms. How can it be referred to as a salad bar w/o the stuff that gives a salad its zest?

ShellyShell said...

It's a little hot for the beard isn't it? LOL

I'm not sure why Mitt the Twit is going to any functions. Saying stupid azz shit about the Brits not being prepared for the Olympics and his comments about Palestine...just STFU!

I think people sleep on Family Guy!

You miss your girlfriend! LOL! I have two boyfriends but I may love one(College Bball)slightly more than the other(football). But I do love them both!

The gray hair on the top of my head is so incredibly ridiculouS. It's soooo shiny! Thank God I pay my colorist a TON of money and I'm ok with it too...lol!

Favorite Ice Cream....Breyer's Vanilla Ice Cream! WHAT! Especially with some Kahlula! Maaaaan! Next Raspberry Sorbet...yum!

Not only did I see a pay phone the other day. I saw someone ON it! I was stunned!

Life is Good....BANGER!EVERYONE including your best friend, Hov,Jigga or whateva he's calling himself better STEP THE EFF UP after this!

LMAO at not knowing what a hooptie is! My nephews know the term. They are 17 and 22.

HA! I'm THAT friend. I'm very outspoken. If I feel like I need to check yo azz. Check it is! Funny thing is most of my friends are outspoken. We balance each other out. If I'm hype my girl K is calm but it she's hyped I'm the calm one. Can't have two people going the hell off!

Eh FB. I need to delete all the illiterate people on my timeline. Talking like dis n dat! Uhhhh!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

When I heard Mitt was addressing the NAACP I...just...laughed! HA!

Team beards! They're swexy!

Family Guy is sooooo funny. My favorite episode is when Bryan owes Stewie money. X_X!

My favorite ice cream is Pralines and Cream from BR.

I'm so lost if I don't have my cell with me...LOST I say!

I'm glad life is GOOD! I can't complain either. #NAS

Hoopties are scrappers and buckets here. LOL!

I treat most days like the first day of school clothes wise. Every day is a fashion adventure but if I have a new new fit shooo you can't tell me NOT A THING!! LOL!

Queen of My Castle said...

OMG, that pic made me laugh so hard. LOL