Tuesday, September 13, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts...

for as dope as Nadal and Federer are...I've never watched either of them play a full game.

sometimes i think about shutting this blog down. but then i think of something dope to write and i realize that i can't quit.

i watched about an hour of 9/11 anniversary coverage. that was enough for me. it's not that i want to forget what happened. sometimes it's hard to hear all of the stories and live it again.

ever notice how good some dog food smells?

the NFL is back and i could care less about the NBA lockout

Lil Wang sold like a million copies of his latest cd. ask me if i bought it...nope

really gonna miss Entourage. not only is it a great show but it reminds me so much of me and my friends...minus the money and fame

i have a friend who i really want to introduce one of my boys to but i won't b/c i know SHE'LL mess it up

12 Radio gets better and better every show. make sure that you tune in every wed @ 9pm est

Kirk Franklin needs to stop stealin' hip hop songs and making them gospel songs. that ain't sampling, dude

i really wish the saggy pants/show your drawz/look ignorant era would end tomorrow

President Obama looks like a dude who could play a game of spades

grandparents let their grand kids get away with EVERYTHING they used to spank their kids for

awkward moment...when you see that person with a huge booger hanging from their nose. you say nothing...but you rub your own nose to see if they will "mimic" you

i told my boy Eclectik that Wilma Flintsone was wayyyyyyyy finer than Betty Rubble but he disagrees. i think he's crazy

ladies...stop comparing yourself to when you were a size 3 at age 18. you're 35 now. it's ok that you ain't as small as you used to be

fellas...you should NEVER wear uggs or crocs

ladies...don't give him your number if you don't want him to call. because he WILL call

fellas...it's ok to be sensitive with a woman...but don't be a sucker

if you're 33 and rappin and you STILL haven't made it...let it go, bruh. get a real job

that chill is in the air...

i've been called a smart ass...and i don't mind it. it's a term of endearment

if you ever see me in jeans and penny loafers...please slap me

*cues The Foreign Exchange*

1 comment:

Don said...

Agreed. Pro football has completely made me forget about the NBA lockout, although I hear it could end before the season.

The saggy look should've been passed. I swear.

Looks like Betty & Wilma had the same body. Lol.

Hilarious @ Kirk Franklin jackin' for beats.